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On Life

First thing a Buddhist said when he has attained enlightenment... "You all are sufferer." As he wasn't suffering anymore - he got out.

For the rest, sometimes we don't even recognised that we are suffering. We are all are in the same boat - we are all suffering. We live in a a broken realm and living a difficult life.

When we are in the middle of a disaster, we know what is it like. But then sometime we find ourselves in-between disasters. And actually, that are the only two states that we have: In A Disaster Or In Between Disasters!

If we are in a disaster, this is a good time to turn our lives around.

** one has to recognise suffering before we can get over it.

We need to re-orientate our lives. Stuff that we have does not help. It only thing that helps is "did we prepare ourselves internally?"

When we are in a disaster, it is kind-of-hard to think of much else except for surviour.

If we are in-between disaster, we got some "head space". So this is time for us to get ready for the next disaster. So we are not caught unaware - no tools and resources.

We must learn how to survive in the vicissitude of life....

vicissitude: A change or variation; The quality of being changeable; One of the sudden or unexpected changes or shifts often encountered in one’s life, activities, or surroundings.

Updated On: 12.02.20