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Date: 31st Dec 2009, Thursday

HDB BTO 2009

14 HDB BTO Projects yielding 9,500 Dwelling Units, ready by 2013, on 32 Hectares of HDB land (297 du/ha). Each project has an average of 680 DU. HDB will spend $1.4 billion for their construction or $148,000 per DU.

PDF Sales Booklet: HDB Dawson SkyvilleHDB Dawson SkyterraceHDB Punggol Residences, HDB Punggol Spectra.

13 HDB BTO Projects yielding 9,111 Dwelling Units, ready by 2014. Each project has an average of 701 DU.

Dawson Skyville - 2.8 ha (Residential Density 343 DU/ha) $438k 4-rm HDB.  Queenstown Contract 1 (960 dwelling units) is a Premium HDB project with enhanced architectural designs, improved facades and better landscaping.

HDB Collected from sale = 160(3r)x$323k + 682(4r)x$480k + 118(5r)x$588k = $450million

HDB Paid for development=$160 (works) + $280 (land)=$440million

based on the assumption that HDB paid SLA $100m/ha (Dec 2010 land parcel in nearby Jalan Bukit Merah/Alexendra junction (99-year) was sold by URA was sold for $238m/ha). 

Builder: Hor Kew Pte Ltd, 24/09/2010, S$155,999,000 (S$162K/DU)

Designer: WOHA Architects, Wong Mun Summ (homegrown architect specially commissioned by HDB - the focus for WOHA is to looked at ways of providing a sense of community in a huge complex).

With those parameters, WOHA developed the concept of “sky villages”. 11-story neighborhoods oriented around communal gardens. Each sky village has 88 apartments sharing use of each high-rise garden, a scheme that encourages interaction among neighbors. Instead of enclosed hallways, sheltered balconies overlooking the garden provide access to all dwelling units and serve as shaded places for people to meet. Roof gardens at the top of each building and covered spaces at the ground floor offer a variety of outdoor places where both residence and public can socialize and enjoy the lush setting.

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Dawson Skyterrace - 2.4 ha (Residential Density 316 DU/ha) $480k 4-rm HDB. Queenstown Contract 2 (758 dwelling units) is a Premium HDB project with enhanced architectural designs, improved facades and better landscaping.

HDB Collected from sale = 20(1r)x$115k + 85(2r)x$142k + 110(3r)x$323k + 459(4r)x$480k + 84(5r)x$588k = $320million

HDB Paid for development = $130 (works) + $240 (land) = $370million

Builder: Sunhuan Construction Pte Ltd, 27/09/2010, S$119,900,000 (S$159K/DU)

Designer: SCDA Architects, Soo K. Chan (homegrown architect specially commissioned by HDB - focus for SCDA is to tackled the problem of multigenerational living). 

C&S Engineer: Ronnie & Koh Consultants Pte Ltd.
M&E Engineer: BESCON Consulting Engineers Pte
Quantity Surveyor: WT Partnership
Green Consultant: ZEB Technology Pte Ltd

Steel Truss for Skybridges: TTJ Design & Engineering
Exterior cladding & Building façade Precast concrete: Syscon
Aluminium Mesh Cladding: Xin Long
Glass Glazing & Roofing: Durabeau Industries
Wood doors:  EI Corporation (recyclable timber door)
Steel frame doors: Prefab Technology 3
Sliding doors: Slide and Hide Systems
Locksets, Closers & Exit devices: Alsecure International
Paints and stains: Jotun
Floor and wall tile Interior:  OES Construction
Lighting Exterior: Changi Light
Elevators/Escalators:  Fujitec Singapore Corpn.
Photovoltaic system: Utica Energy

Other unique products that contribute to sustainability:

Bio Retention Basin: Netatech and Uniseal Singapore
Rain Water Harvesting & Drip Irrigation System: HKS Engineering
Intermediate Storage System for Recyclable Chute: GreenWave Solution

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Typical HDB 4-room (870 sqft internal floor area) flat in Skyterrace.

Punggol Residences 2.5 ha - HDB BTO 2009 JUL $290k 4-rm HDB. Punggol West Contract 27 (769 dwelling units) is a Premium project with enhanced architectural designs, improved facades and better landscaping.

Residential Density 308 DU/ha

125mx200m = 2.5 hectares [3.4 PR] = 85,000M3
Developer: Housing & Development Board
Proposed on 06 Jun 2008 by consortium:
Total Construction Cost = $175,718,000 ($228k per dwelling unit)
Main Contractor: Chiu Teng Construction Co Pte Ltd = $171,438,000
Project Description: Punggol Residences is a precinct comprising 8 Blocks of 16-storey Residential Public Housing (total 769 units) of 4-Room ($293,000) and 5-Room (376,500) Premium Flats, with Basement Carpark, Community Facilities, Precinct Pavilion & ESS at Punggol West C27 (Punggol Walk Road). 

Green Features: Regenerative lifts in all blocks; Water saving taps anf fittings to all units; Recycled water pipe sleeve from services yard to common bath for flushing/cleaning.

Project Consultants: ADDP Architects LLP, KTP Consultants (Structural Engineer), Rankine & Hill (M & E Engineer), Develco Landscape (Landscape Consultant), Faithful & Gould (Quality Surveyor).

Estimated Leasable Floor Area = 74,597 M2
Estimated Total Construction Cost: $175,718,000
Guessitmated Land Cost ($50m/hectare): $125,000,000
Guessitmated HDB (Construction + Land) Cost: $300,718,000 ($375 psf)

Project Timeline:

  • 30 Jul 2009: HDB is launching Punggol Residences under the Build-To-Order (BTO) system. Punggol Residences is a Premium contract with enhanced architectural designs, improved facades and better landscaping.
  • 12 Aug 2009: HDB had received 5,215 applications for the 769 flats on offer. This works out to a subscription rate of 6.7 times for the development.
  • 4 September 2009: Release of BTO Balloting Results
  • 19 September 2009 - Received brochures for Selection Exercise
  • 26 September 2009 - Commencement of Selection Exercise
  • Oct 2010: Building works awarded.
  • Dec 2009: Earthwork.
  • Jan 2010: Signing of Agreement for Lease (AFL) commences.
  • Jan 2010 to Jul 2012: Construction of Punggol West Contract 27.
  • May 2012: Recieved HLE letter.
  • Jul 2012: Key Collection.
  • Oct 2013: The Welcome Party for the residents of Blocks 271A-D & 272A-D Punggol Walk was held on 12 Oct 2013 (Sat) from 2pm to 5pm.

Punggol Residences (PWC27) Contract Details:

Date of Award: 09 Sep 2008
Tender Sum: $ 171,438,000

Date of Award : 17 Aug 2009
Tender Sum: $ 42,600

Date of Award : 08 Jan 2010
Successful Tenderer: ADDP ARCHITECTS
Tender Sum: $ 2,550,000

Date of Award : 08 Jan 2010
Tender Sum: $ 1,130,000

Date of Award : 08 Jan 2010
Tender Sum: $ 600,000

Date of Award : 22 Mar 2010
Tender Rate: $ 500,000 0.29% of the Final Project Construction Cost

Punggol Spectra 3.6 ha - HDB BTO 2009 AUG $265k 4-rm HDB. Punggol East Contract 30/30A Project (1142 dwelling units) is a standard HDB project.

Residential Density 318 DU/ha

Total Construction Cost = $189,790,000 ($166k per dwelling unit)
Builder: LC&T Builder = $185,520,000 (awarded 20 Apr 2009)
Architect: INTERCONSULTANTS = $2,700,000 (awarded 12 Feb 2010)
Structural Engineer:  E2000 PTE LTD = $800,000 (awarded 12 Feb 2010)
M & E Engineer: MEINHARDT  = $380,000 (awarded 23 Apr 2010)

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