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Date: 30th Dec 2012, Sunday

HDB BTO 2012

Thirty nine HDB BTO Projects yielding 27,000 Dwelling Units, ready by 2016, on 86 Hectares of HDB land (314 du/ha). Each project has an average of 692 DU. HDB will spend $3.5 billion for their construction or $137,000 per DU.

Golden Kismis Project on a 0.4 hectare site along Toh Yi Drive off Jalan Jurong Kechil, a 13-storey with 132 dwelling units, building works was awarded to China Nuclear Industry Huaxing Construction 3 December 2012 for $12,388,000. The guesstimated land cost ($50m/hectare) of $20,000,000. The total guesstimated HDB development cost is $33 million or $256k per dwelling unit.

Updated On: 16.03.06