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A global leader in professional services. Ernst & Young helps companies in businesses across all industries-from emerging growth companies to global powerhouses-to deal with a broad range of business issues. Located over 140 countries worldwide can implement a broad array of solutions in audit, tax, corporate finance, transactions, online security, enterprise risk management, the valuation of intangibles, and other critical business-performance issues.

Ernst & Young - Young, born in Scotland in 1863 and a graduate of Glasgow University, was privileged and soft-spoken. His interest in investments and banking eventually led him to accounting. He migrated to the United States, settled in Chicago and, in 1906, founded Arthur Young & Company & Co.

By contrast, the outgoing Ernst, born in 1881 in the United States, in Cleveland, was basically self-made. Following high school, he worked as a bookkeeper and, four years later in 1903, joined with his brother, Theodore, to start Ernst & Ernst.

In 1989, the firms they started combined to create Ernst & Young. Ironically, A.C. Ernst and Arthur Young & Company, who never met in life, died within days of each other in 1948.

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Updated On: 13.01.06