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Business Benchmarking

Top 5 Corporation
Walmart (US, Retail) USD $422b
ExxonMobil (US, Oil & Gas) USD $370b
Shell (Dutch, Oil & Gas) USD $368b
BP USD (UK, Oil & Gas) $297b
Sinopec (China, Oil & Gas) USD $290b

Toyota Motors (Japan, Automotive) USD $228b
Total S.A. (France) USD $213b
Petronas (Malaysia, Oil & Gas) USD $77b
Temasek Holdings (Singapore, Sovereign Wealth Fund) USD $66b

US Tech Titans:
Apple USD $108.25b Net Income $26b Equity (Cash + Investments) $90b
IBM USD $100b Net Income $15b Equity $22b
Microsoft USD $70b Net Income $23b Equity $59b
Google USD $36b Net Income $9b Equity $55b
Orcale USD $36b Net Income $9b Equity $42b


Google Market Cap = USD $207.15B (which is the share price multiple by the number of shares bought and sold in public markets. Preferred shares are not included in the calculation)

The P/E ratio (price-to-earnings ratio) = 22 (calculated by dividing Market Cap by the total annual earnings)

Singapore Inc. FY2011

GDP (Revenue) = USD $245b S$320 Billion (FY2011)

State Revenues/Tax Income (Gross Profit) = USD $38b S$50 Billion (FY2011)
Customs & Excise Duties Collected SGD S$2 Billion

Operating Expenditure : SGD $35 Billion
Development Expenditure: SGD $12 Billion

Balance Sheet

Domestic Debt: SGD S$321 Billion
comprises of:
S$254b Singapore Registered Stocks & Bonds
S$57b Treasury Bills & Deposits
S$10b Advance Deposits

Singapore External Debt Free Since 1994



US GDP $15.1 Trillion
China GDP $6 Trillion
Indonesia GDP $707 Billion
Thailand GDP $319 Billion
Malaysia GDP $246 Billion
Philippines GDP $200 Billion

Updated On: 17.04.10