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The Cycles Of Humankind

A Saecula (Saeculum) is a seasonal cycles of history. A saeculum is about 80 to 90 years long - the length of a long human life - and is further divided into four "Turnings" that are about 20 to 22 years long - as long as the period between birth and adulthood. Children raised during a particular Turning share similar historical and cultural experiences, resulting in distinct generational types.

We should visualise that everything happened in an analogue manner with interlapping stages. Each of these cycle ends one phase and starts another, it seems more a measure of energy influence than that of time. So with this in mind and we are at the last stage of the 4 "Turnings" everything starts over again, this restarting is on the next higher level though not a restart like back to where we came from but a new start from where we are now.

4 Turns In The Early Independance Saeculum

1st Turn of A Saeculum - Era Of Promise * 1946 to 1965 "Baby Boom Generation"
where there is a gradual strengthening of institution, weakening of individualism.
Prophets - Old Prophets Disappear as Young Prophets were born
Normad - Enter Elderhood
Heros - Enter Mid-Life
Artist - Enter Adulthood

2nd Turn of A Saeculum - Era Of Maturation * 1966 to 1985 "the Generation X"
where there is a gradual awakening or spiritual upheaval
Prophets - Enter Adulthood
Normad - Old Normad Disappear as Young Normad were born
Heros - Enter Elderhood
Artist - Enter Mid-Life

3rd Turn of A Saeculum - Era Of Anxiety * 1986 to 2005 "the Millennial Generation"
where there is a gradual strengthening of individualism, weakening of institution.
Prophets - Enter Mid-Life
Normad - Enter Adulthood
Heros - Old Heros Disappear as Young Heros were born
Artist - Enter Elderhood

4th Turn of A Saeculum - Era Of Survival * 2006 to 2025 "New Silent Generation"
where there is a gradual secular upheaval
Prophets - Enter Elderhood
Normad - Enter Mid-Life
Heros - Enter Adulthood
Artist - Old Artist Disappear as Young Artist were born
The Crisis Era may have begun with 2008 Financial Meltdown, 2012 European Debt Crisis...

Malay Archepaligo Saeculum

1786 - 1865 Early Colonisation Saeculum
1866 - 1945 Later Colonisation Saeculum
1946 - 2025 Early Independance Saeculum
2026 - 2105 Later Independance Saeculum

Singapore Early Independance Timeline:

  • Post Japanese Occupation Recovery (1945 - 1954)
  • Self-Governance & Merger with Malaysia (1955 - 1964)
  • Singapore Full Independence (1965 - 1974)
  • Building of a New Nation (1975 - 1984)
  • Rapid Growth (1985 - 1994)
  • Asian Financial Crisis, Y2K & New Millennium (1995 - 2004)
  • SARS & Economic Rebound (2005 - 2014)


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4 Turns In A Saeculum