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Gautama Buddha, born 563 BC, was a spiritual teacher from Old India.

Confucius, born 551 BC, was a Chinese teacher, editor, politician and philosopher from Ancient China.

Socrates, born 470 BC, was the first great philosopher of the ancient world from Greece.

The word Guru, a noun, means "Teacher" in Sanskrit. The syllable gu means darkness, The syllable ru, he who disperses them. Because of one that has the ability to disperse darkness, the guru is thus named.

One can call him a "light bulb"... What you cannot see, he is able to make you see.

Or if you are trying to make a journey and you are seeking a guru, he is like a road map... when you want to travel in an uncharted terrain, you will find the road map extremely important.

Essentially, a Guru is a spiritual teacher, but is also used to refer to anyone knowledgeable in a particular area (e.g. a computer guru).

Updated On: 18.09.01