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The Vortex Of Life

People are pulled into the vortex of money, the vortex of possessions, the vortex of passion or even the vortex of power. All these whirling, swirling vortexes take our liberty away. They catch us; they trap us and eventually consuming us.

One may think: "I'm free. I'm safe." But get too close to the vortex and suddenly pull you in, perhaps unknowingly.

This vortex feeds on the human tendency towards physical and mental laziness. Inertia draws us along and it is difficult to break.We naturally develop patterns of thought and behavior and they may indeed be wholesome and useful, but these patterns of thought and behavior too can trap us.

To break out of such vortexes, one need to read widely and be committed to move away from status quo. Learn to detach yourself from your possessions and emotional attachments.

Updated On: 15.02.09


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