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Sadhguru was born as Jagadish Vasudev in 1957 in Mysore, Karnataka, India. At 25, he underwent a deep spiritual experience which was to change the course of his future life.

One afternoon he went to the Chamundi hills in Mysore and sat on a rock with his eyes wide open. Suddenly, he had an out of body experience. He felt as if he was not in his body anymore, rather spread out everywhere, in the rocks, in the trees, in the earth. When he came back to his normal state, it was late in the evening. He wondered if he had hallucinated. In the days that followed, this experience recurred and each time it left him in a state of utter bliss.

This episode entirely changed his way of life. Jaggi Vasudev decided to dedicate his entire life to the sharing of those experiences. He founded the Isha Foundation, a non-profit organization which offers yoga programs around the world, including India, United States, England, Lebanon, Singapore, Canada, Malaysia, Uganda and Australia.

Updated On: 14.12.17