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Kucinta is for Ku Cinta (Indonesian) or Aku Cinta (Bahasa Melayu), translated to as "I Love" in English. 

In December 1990, the name "Kucinta" (derived from the amalgamation of the Bahasa Melayu words Kuching for Cat and Cinta for Love) was the best name for the "Name the Singapore River Cats" contest organised by Singapore Tourist Promotion Board (STPB). Kucinta was also adopt as a tourism mascot for Singapore.  "Kucinta, the Love Cat of Singapore" was introduced in middle of 1991 as part of STPB's tourist promotional campaign worldwide. Life-size replica of Kucinta, made from polyresin, were used as gifts to VIPs, visiting dignitaries and foreign embassies. The Singapore River was graced with 15 special sculptures of the Kucinta. The sculptures have been the prime target of vandals, with several being defaced and some stolen. 

By the end of 2000, the Kucinta was fast slipping into obscurity as a tourist icon. Despite of this, the last remaining sculpture depicting a family of Kucinta cats could still be found on the side of Cavenagh Bridge.

Updated On: 17.10.20