In 2015:

2015-05 Singapore Private Housing: We often get to hear the adage "Rent money is dead money". For years this has been believed to be true. Renting is a better investment when the rent is less than the total of the interest paid on mortgage plus the maintenance cost of the property and ··»

2015-05 Singapore Private Housing: In 2013, Country Garden (a property developer from China) launched 9,539 dwelling units (DU) in 45 apartment blocks on a 22 hectares (438 DU/ha) reclaimed a 2km stretch of Lido Beach in front of Straits View Hotel in 2010. It is a freehold plot in Danga Bay (Johor Bahur, Malaysia) ··»

2015-05 Public Housing In the Open Market: Five-room (1,200 sqft) units at the Pinnacle@Duxton was priced at $400,000 when the project was launch in 2004. Since January 2015, six units were transacted for over a million and the highest was $1.06 million. This transactions have set new records after the first batch of owners fulfilled the ··»

2015-03 On Housing: Perbadanan Rakyat 1Malaysia (1Malaysia People's Housing Programme) PR1MA was established in 2011 to plan, develop, construct and maintain high-quality housing with lifestyle concepts for middle-income households in major urban centres thoughout Malaysia. PR1MA is targetting to build about 500,000 units by 2018. As of 2015, there are about 1 million interested buyers ··»

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