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HDB "Golden" Apartment

Singapore Retirement Apartments: Kampong Admirity (PDF).
Type A: Studio Apartment - 37sq.m (400 square feet) $86,000 30-year Lease.
Type B: Studio Apartment - 46sq.m (500 square feet) $100,000 30-year Lease.

A typical retirement apartment in USA, it has a month-to-month rent, with no expensive buy-in. An evening meal each day served in lake-view dining room. Regular Housekeeping. 24-hour emergency response system.

600 square feet apartment: a full kitchen, walk-in closet, washer-dryer hook-up, large bathroom with a shower. With friendly neighbors and scenic views learn more about our independent living apartments today.

Campus Amenities: space for religious services; TV room; Nearby, shopping, dining, Recreational and medical facilities; Walking paths.

The average cost of Assisted Living in California is USD $3,000 per month.

Updated On: 18.11.11