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Overcoming Unhappiness - By Lama Marut

A Lama Marut's Teaching Snippet

Snippet's Duration: 1.5 Minutes

What causes (or seems to be making) you to be unhappy?
Follow it back, and (you find) there it is the Attachment.
You are suffering and unhappy because you are attached to something (or an event).
Attachment itself is the problem.
It isn't THE THING.
To stop the attachment is to let go of the attachment.
Letting go of the attachment, detachment, do not means you don't care anymore.
Detachment is NOT "Not Caring".
Detachment is not thinking it (of the event that made you unhappy), has the power to make you happy.
Detachment is relaxation.
Attachment is stress - is worry, is anxiety.
Detachment is freedom, you float, as you are not attach to the things that are constantly changing.


  • http://www.youtube.com/user/iyezee/
  • http://lamamarut.org/ Lama Marut

Updated On: 18.09.01