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Qigong Shiba Shi First Set (10 Minutes):

Begin in Wuji Stance - stand with feet shoulder width apart, arms hang down, palms face in to thighs, slightly tuck in the chin, relax the entire body, knees slightly bent, a clear mind and remain in this posture for about a minute.

  1. Awakening the Qi - Commencing form and regulating breathing (watch)

     起势调息  Qǐ shì diào xī.
  2. Expanding Your Chest (watch)

     开扩胸怀  Kāi kuò xiōnghuái.
  3. Painting A Rainbow (watch)

     挥舞彩虹  Huīwǔ cǎihóng.
  4. Separating The Clouds - with circling arms (watch)

     轮臂分云  Lún bì fēn yún.
  5. Cycling The Arms - twisting waist & swinging arms (watch)
    定步倒卷肱 Dìng bù dào juǎn gōng.
  6. Rowing A Boat - in the middle of the lake (watch)

     湖心劃船  Hú xīn huáchuán.
  7. Lifting the Sun - holding a ball in front of the shoulders

     肩前托球  Jiān qián tuō qiú.
  8. Gazing At The Moon

     转体望月  Zhuǎn tǐ wàngyuè.
  9. Twisting Waist and Pushing Palms

     轉腰推掌  Zhuǎn yāo tuīzhǎng.
  10. Riding A Horse and Swaying Arms

     马步云手  Mǎbùyún shiu.
  11. Scooping From The Sea and Looking At The Sky

     捞海观天  Lāo hǎi guān tiān.
  12. Push the Wave - coming and going of waves

     推波助浪  Tuī bō zhù làng.
  13. Let The Dove Free - the flying dove spreads its wings

     飞鸽展翅  Fēi gē zhǎnchì.
  14. Punching The Mud - punching with outstretched arms

     伸臂冲拳  Shēn bì chōng quán.
  15. The Wild Goose Flying

     大雁飞翔  Dàyàn fēixiáng.
  16. Hug and Swing the Sun - spinning wheels

     环转飞轮  Huán zhuǎn fēilún.
  17. Stepping While Bouncing the Ball

     踏步拍球  Tàbù pāi qiú.
  18. Quieting the Qi - Pressing the palms in calmness

     按掌平气  Àn zhǎng píng qì.

Finish in Holding a Qi Ball Stance - stand with feet shoulder width apart, palms face the Dantian like holding a Ball in front of Dantian, relax the entire body, slightly tuck in the chin, bend both knees, a clear mind and remain in this posture for about 5 minutes.

气功十八式 Qìgōng shíbā shì (18 Forms) extracts some of the best movements from the Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. It places emphasis on synchronising the 18 movements with proper breathing techniques. It is a gentle, beautiful and flowing Qigong exercise routine that is both a joy to do and deeply relaxing.

The Tai Chi Qigong Shiba Shi Series was created by Professor Lin Housheng from China. The First Set of 18 movements (Shiba Shi) was created in 1979.


Updated On: 16.12.26