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Qigong Shiba Shi Second Set (10 Minutes):

Begin in Wuji Stance - stand with feet shoulder width apart, arms hang down, palms face in to thighs, slightly tuck in the chin, relax the entire body, knees slightly bent, a clear mind and remain in this posture for about a minute.

  1. Regulate The Qi - commencing form and regulating breathing

  2. Move The Qi On The Microcosmic Orbit - concentrating with your mind for energy

  3. Breeze Blowing At The Willow Tree

  4. Needle at Sea bottom - searching for needles in the sea

  5. Fisherman Casting The Net

  6. Immortal Pointing The Way - fairy directing the way

  7. Mischievous Boy Kicking His Legs

  8. Holy Crane Worshiping The Noon

  9. Yellow Dragon Bears Its Claws

  10. Pulling The Bow To Shoot The Eagle

  11. Twin dragons Emerging From The Sea

  12. Crossing the Wild Blue Ocean - waves lapping or rolling

  13. The Lion Playing With The Ball

  14. Embrace The Moon At The Dantian - carrying the moon towards your body

  15. Phoenix Spreading Its Wings

  16. Two Mountain Peaks Facing The Ears - strike opponent with double fist

  17. Collect The Qi Around The Dantian - expanding and contracting abdominal muscle for energy

  18. Pressing your palms in calmness

Finish in Holding a Qi Ball Stance - stand with feet shoulder width apart, palms face the Dantian like holding a Ball in front of Dantian, relax the entire body, slightly tuck in the chin, bend both knees, a clear mind and remain in this posture for about 5 minutes.

气功十八式 Qìgōng shíbā shì (18 Forms) Series was created by Professor Lin Housheng from China. The Second Set of 18 movements, was created in 1988.


Updated On: 16.12.26