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Qigong Shiba Shi Third Set

Begin in Wuji Stance - stand with feet shoulder width apart, arms hang down, palms face in to thighs, slightly tuck in the chin, relax the entire body, knees slightly bent, a clear mind and remain in this posture for about a minute.

  1. Stretch to the Sky - Cleans and Regulates Meridians and Bones.
  2. Expand the Chest - Strengthens Heart and Lungs.
  3. Swing to the Left and Right - For Stomach and Spleen.
  4. Blossoming Lotus - For Healthy Joints.
  5. Look at the Setting Sun - Increases Vital Energy and Nourishes the Kidneys.
  6. Point to Needle at the Bottom of the Sea - For Liver and Gallbladder.
  7. Open Heaven and Earth -Strengthens and Energizes the Nervous System.
  8. Thrust the Fist with Inner Power - Speeds the Flow of Vital Life Energy.
  9. With Prayer-like Palms, Sway Hips Left and Right - For Regulating the Spine.
  10. Spread Wings to Fly - Stimulates and Energizes the Shoulders and Back.
  11. Part the Wild Horse's Main - For Proper Blood Sugar Levels.
  12. Push Palms Forward - Straightens the Back.
  13. Massage Dantian - Supports and Restores the Stomach and Intestines.
  14. Gather In Good Healthy Energy, and Remove Sick Bad Energy.
  15. Open and Clear the Meridians - Root Out the Basis of the Disease.
  16. Directing Qi Energy to Strengthen the Body and Mind.
  17. Feel Happiness - Benefits Sleeping.
  18. Push Down Palms - Feel a Calm Happiness to Close the Training.

Finish in Holding a Qi Ball Stance - stand with feet shoulder width apart, palms face the Dantian like holding a Ball in front of Dantian, relax the entire body, slightly tuck in the chin, bend both knees, a clear mind and remain in this posture for about 5 minutes.

气功十八式 Qìgōng shíbā shì (18 Forms) Series was created by Professor Lin Housheng from China. The Third and 3 more Qigong 18 movement sets were created in the 1990.

Updated On: 16.12.26