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Date: 31st Dec 1974, Tuesday

Oi Man Estate in Kowloon West

Oi Man Estate 愛民邨 (map), completed in 1974, was built on a concept of “a little town within a city”. Oi Man Estate is a 10 hectares Public Rental Housing (PRH) Estate in Kowloon City (Kowloon West, Hong Kong) near the junction of Princess Margaret Road and Wylie Road a 2 kilometre walk to Tsim Sha Tsui Station which consists of 12 residential blocks with 6,300 dwelling units (DU) or a housing density of 630 DU/ha and housed 18,000 residents. The estate also included open playground, adult exercise area, resting area, shopping centre and cooked-food stall or Dai Pai Dong (大牌檔) centre.

Hong Kong Housing Authority Twin Tower Residential Block each apartment has the floor area of about 370 square feet for intermediate units and 440 square feet for corner units.

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Five Twin Tower Residential Blocks: Wai Man House, Tun Man House, Tak Man House, Sun Man House and Shun Man House.

Seven Old Slab Residential Blocks: Chiu Man House, Hong Man House 6-storey with lift service in their adjoining block, Chung Man House, Kin Man House, Lai Man House, Po Man House and Kar Man House 6-storey with lift service in their adjoining block.

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