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Ba Duan Jin Movement 2

左右开弓似射雕 Zuǒ Yòu Kāi Gōng Shì Shè Diāo

Drawing the bow with alternate hands to shoot the eagleSection 2

Start with a Horse Pose (马步 Mǎ Bù) then bend the elbows and lift the arms up so the palms face your chest. Turn the left palm out to the left with fingers pointing up. Imagine the left arm is pushing against a wooden part of an archer's bow whilst the right finger are curled around the bows string. As you breath about pull the imaginary string to the right and push out with the left palm to the left.  Breathe in and bring the palm back in front of the chest and then repeat the exercise to the right.

This exercise is most beneficial to the thoracic, chest, cavity (the chamber of the human body that is protected by the thoracic wall). It improves the circulation in the area. Additionally it also enhances the flow of Qi in the small intestine.

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Updated On: 15.09.12