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Ba Duan Jin Movement 7

攒拳怒目增气力 Zǎn Quán Nù Mù Zēng Qì Lì

Clenching fist and fierce gaze to increase physical strength

Section 5

Start with a Horse Pose (马步 Mǎ Bù), slightly bend the knees and form a fist with each hand, folding your thumbs inside your fists. The elbows should be bent such that the fist are facing up and resting on each side of your waist. Breathe out slowly as you extend your left arm in front of you at shoulder level, turning the fist over to finish face down. Start to breathe in and as you pull your right elbow back, extend the right arm as you did with the left. Continue to alternately breathe and extend the arms in this way.

Clenching the fist allows the flow of Qi through the entire body, right from the feet and to the hands and eyes. It stimulates the cerebral cortex and heightens the circulation of blood and oxygen in the cardiovascular system.

Updated On: 15.09.12