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Ba Duan Jin Movement 5

摇头摆尾去心火 Yáo Tóu Bǎi Wěi Qù Xīn Huǒ

Sway the head and wagging the tail to calm the heart fire

Section 6

Start with a Horse Pose (马步 Mǎ Bù), raise your right hand up in an arc above your head with the palm facing down. Breathe in and bend over to your left, letting your left arm hang hang loose to your left. Transfer all your body weight to the right leg, start breathing out and reach over the left to the furthers point that feels comfortable to you. Breathe in and straighten up with your right still in arch above your head. Breathe out as you lower your right arm. breathe in and raise your left arm in an arch over your head and repeat the stretch.

This exercise reduces tension in the sympathetic nervous system and effectively relaxes the whole body, enabling Qi to flow with ease. It also prevents fever.

Note: Through this exercise, the bladder complements the kidney Qi and promotes renal water to rise.  Since the range of motion and physical strain of this movement is high, those with hypertension or who are elderly should practice this exercise in moderation.

Updated On: 15.09.12