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Ba Duan Jin Movement 8

背后七颠百病消 Bèi Hòu Qī Diān Bǎi Bìng Xiāo

Raising and dropping the heels to dispel illnesses

Section 8

Start with a standing pose (站桩 Zhàn Zhuāng), slightly bend the knees, breathe in with both hands by your side and buttock squeeze. Use the toes to lift heels up and the whole body while breathing in. Creating a small rocking motion in the ankle and then releases to sole absorb the bouncing of the feet, breathing out on each bounce. Then shake your hands, ankle, elbow and shoulder.  

This exercise allows the internal organs to massage each other. It is very good for the spine, the nervous system and sense of balance. According to Chinese medicine, the toe is the contact point of the “leg san yang” meridian and the “leg san yin” meridian.  When the ten toes grip the floor, this stimulates the six yin and six yang meridians.  This causes the qi and blood to be regulated and improves the function of corresponding internal organs. Furthermore, bouncing on the feet can stimulate the “du mai” (du meridian), adjust the balance of the body’s yin and yang and promote health and rehabilitation.

Updated On: 15.09.12