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Ba Duan Jin Movement 6

双手攀足固肾腰 Shuāng Shǒu Pān Zú Gù Shèn Yāo

Bending with two hands grasping the feet to strengthen the kidneys

Section 7

Start with a standing pose (站桩 Zhàn Zhuāng), breathe in and raise both arms to the sides, palms facing up to shoulder level, then, up above your head. As you start to breathe out turn the palms face down and bring the arms down, outstretched in front of you at shoulder level. as the arm circle downwards in front of you, bend the knees as if going into a squat. At half squat position, hold for a second. At this point each hand should be outside each knee. Start to breathe in and straighten up slowly, continuing to circle with your hand behind you, bringing them up over head and finishing with them  outstretched in front of you at shoulder level. At this point you should be standing up.

This exercise stretches the spine and benefits the muscles of the lower back and legs. It is also beneficial to the internal organs of the lower abdomen. It strengthen the Kidneys, Adrenal Glands, the Arteries and veins. 

When practicing this movement, the reason why it is important for the arms and legs to come into contact is based on the “heart and kidney intersect method” in traditional Chinese medicine.  In the middle of the palm, there is a pressure point called Lao Gong and it is an important point in the Xin Bao meridian.  In the soles of the feet, there is a pressure point called Yong Quan, which is the starting point of the kidney meridian.  The meeting of the palm of the hands and the soles of the feet is the most essential feature in the “heart and kidney intersect method.”  This movement requires a good amount of flexibility so those who are elderly or have poor health (poor cardiovascular health, brain diseases) must use caution and practice slowly.

Updated On: 15.09.12