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Yi Jin Jing Movement 5

倒拽九牛尾势 Dào Zhuài Jiǔ Niú Wěi Shì

Pulling Nine Cows By TailImage title

Following the previous form, take a big step forward with the right foot to form a left bow step, bending the right leg and straightening the left one. Clench the right fist and raise it towards the upper right, with the elbow bent and the thumb facing the waist, as if lifting a huge weight. Clench the left fist in front of the chest, and bend the left elbow. Raise the upper left arm horizontal to the shoulder, and let the forearm dangle. Turn the head left slowly, and fix the eyes on the left fist. Breathe 10 times as in the previous positions. Then cross the fists in front of the lower abdomen and change to the right bow step. Repeat on the other side. Finally, cross the fists again in front of the lower abdomen.

Updated On: 16.12.23