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Yi Jin Jing Movement 7

九鬼拔马刀势 Jiǔ Guǐ Bá Mǎ Dāo Shì

Nine Ghosts Drawing SwordsImage title

Following the previous form, open the fists, raise your left hand upwards, and then place the left hand behind the back to clutch the left shoulder blade as in "plucking a star and replacing it with a dipper". Raise the right hand over the head, to encircle the head with it. Turn the head to the left, with the four fingers of the right hand clinging to the groove along the edge of the left ear. Press the head against the hand. Extend the right elbow back as far as possible, and look straight forward. Hold the head erect, and move the right hand to the right side of the head. Stretch the right arm out horizontally to the right. Bend the right elbow, letting the right forearm dangle. Repeat on the opposite side of the body.

Do 3 sets of this movement.

Updated On: 16.12.27