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Yi Jin Jing Movement 9

青龙探爪势 Qīng Lóng Tàn Zhuǎ Shì

Black Dragon Displaying Claws

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Lift the right hand to the side of the chest. Clench the fist, and turn the upper body to the left. Open the right fist, stretch the right hand with the palm up toward the front left, and stare at the right palm. Then turn the right palm down, and lower the right arm without bending the elbow. Bend the waist with the movement of the right hand. Move the right arm across the knees, and stretch it out and to the front. Straighten the waist, drawing the right fist to the right side of the chest. Turn the upper body to the right, and repeat the above movements on the other side. Finally, return the body to an erect position, with the fists clenched at the sides.

Do 3 sets of this movement.

Updated On: 16.12.27