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2009-12 Singapore Public Housing: 14 HDB BTO Projects yielding 9,500 Dwelling Units, ready by 2013, on 32 Hectares of HDB land (297 du/ha). Each project has an average of 680 DU. HDB will spend $1.4 billion for their construction or $148,000 per DU.PDF Sales Booklet: HDB Dawson Skyville, HDB Dawson Skyterrace, HDB Punggol Residences, HDB Punggol ··»

2000-12 Hong Kong Public Housing: Tai Wo Estate, completed in 1989, is a 20 hectares public housing estate in Tai Po District (New Territories, Hong Kong) which consists of 12 residential buildings with 9,000 dwelling units (DU) or a housing density of 450 DU/ha and housed 30,000 residents. The estate also included Tai Wo ··»

1981-12 Hong Kong Public Housing: Chun Man Court (map) is a 4 Hectare plot with 1,800 dwelling units (450 DU/ha) is a HOS 1981 Court (Project) in Ho Man Tin (Kowloon West). It is located about 3.5km from Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station, 50 minutes walk away. It has twelve 16-storeys blocks, located along of ··»

1981-12 Hong Kong Public Housing: Shan Tsui Court (map) is a 1.3 Hectare plot with 896 dwelling units (690 DU/ha) is a HOS 1981 Court (Project) in Chai Wan (Hong Kong Island) and Chai Wan MTR Station is 1.1km, 19 mins walk (7.5 km from Causeway Bay MTR Station). It has four 25-storeys blocks ··»

1981-12 Hong Kong Public Housing: Yuet Lai Court (map) is a 1.9 Hectare plot with 704 dwelling units (370 DU/ha) is a HOS 1981 Court (Project) in Kwai Chung, near Lai King Estate and Lai King MTR Station is 1 km, 20 mins walk (8.5 km to Tsim Sha Tsui MRT Station). It has ··»

1980-12 Hong Kong Public Housing: Sui Wo Court (map) is a 10 Hectare plot with 3,501 dwelling units (350 DU/ha) is a HOS 1980 Court (Project) in Fo Tan, Sha Tin, New Territories East with Fo Tan MTR Station 1 km, 15 minutes walk (Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station is 16 km away).It has nine 37-storeys ··»

1980-12 Hong Kong Public Housing: Yue Fai Court (map)  is a 3 Hectare plot with 1,320 dwelling units (440 DU/ha) is a HOS 1980 Court (Project) in Aberdeen (Southern, Hong Kong Island) with Causeway Bay Station 5.6km away. It has six 30-storeys blocks (Yuk Fai House, Yat Fai House, Mei Fai House, On Fai ··»

1980-12 Hong Kong Public Housing: Shun Chi Court (map) is a 7 Hectare plot with 1,539 dwelling units (220 DU/ha) is a HOS 1980 Court (Project) in Kwun Tong, Eastern Kowloon, with Choi Hung Station 3km away (10km from Tsim Sha Tsui, 2hrs walk away). It has ten 17-storeys blocks and two 14-storeys blocks, located at ··»

1979-12 Hong Kong Public Housing: Lung Tin Estate (map), completed in 1979, is a 2 hectares Public Rental Housing (PRH) Estate in Tai O, Lantau Island. The estate consists of 8 residential blocks with 400 dwelling units (DU) or a housing density of 200 DU/ha and housed 900 residents.Hong Kong Housing Authority 3-storey ··»

1974-12 Hong Kong Public Housing: Oi Man Estate 愛民邨 (map), completed in 1974, was built on a concept of “a little town within a city”. Oi Man Estate is a 10 hectares Public Rental Housing (PRH) Estate in Kowloon City (Kowloon West, Hong Kong) near the junction of Princess Margaret Road and Wylie Road ··»

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