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1967-12 Singapore Public Housing: ”Bukit Merah” is Red Hill in Malay, and is a reference to the red couloured lateritic soil found on the hill. Located 3.5 km from downtown Orchard Road.Home Ownership for the People Scheme was introduced by HDB in 1964 where any Singapore citizen earning less than $800 per ··»

1962-12 Hong Kong Public Housing: Choi Hung Estate (map) 彩虹邨 was the fourth and most ambitious Public Rental Housing Project to date by Hong Kong Housing Authority (HKHA) located in Ngau Chi Wan District 牛池灣, north of the (old) Kai Tak Airport.  Choi Hung Estate consists of eight 20-storey slab residential blocks and four 7-storey continuous-slab residential blocks on ··»

1962-12 Hong Kong Public Housing: Wo Lok Estate 和樂邨 (map), completed in 1962, is a 3.5 hectares Public Rental Housing (PRH) Estate in Kwun Tong District (Kowloon East, Hong Kong) located about 10 kilometre from Tsim Sha Tsui Station. Wo Lok Estate consists of 11 residential blocks with 1,900 dwelling units (DU) or a ··»

1957-12 Hong Kong Public Housing: North Point Estate (map) was the first Public Rental Housing Estate by Hong Kong Housing Authority (HKHA) located in North Point reclaimed land in Hong Kong, next to North Point Harbour Ferry Pier. Completed in 1957, on a 2.5 hectarea plot. North Point Estate consists of seven 11-storey residential ··»

1956-12 Hong Kong Public Housing: Healthy Village (map) 健康村 is the second Public Rental Housing Estate by Hong Kong Model Housing Society (HKHS) located at North Point in Hong Kong, near MTR Quarry Bay Station. Completed in 1956, on a 0.8 hectare plot,  consists of 5 residential blocks with total of 595 dwelling units (DU) ··»

1953-12 Singapore Public Housing: Building works were started by the Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT) under the British colonial government in 1952. Queenstown was name after young Princess Elizabeth ascended to the British throne in 1952. The SIT introduced the concept of satellite towns: self-contained communities with all the necessary residential and social amenities such as ··»

1953-12 Hong Kong Public Housing: Model Housing Estate 模範邨 (map) is a Public Rental Housing Estate located at King's Road between Quarry Bay and North Point in Hong Kong, near MTR Quarry Bay Station. Completed in 1954, it is the oldest existing public housing estate in Hong Kong on a one hectare plot. The ··»

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