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Date: 31st Dec 1953, Thursday

Model Housing Estate in Hong Kong

Model Housing Estate 模範邨 (map) is a Public Rental Housing Estate located at King's Road between Quarry Bay and North Point in Hong Kong, near MTR Quarry Bay Station. Completed in 1954, it is the oldest existing public housing estate in Hong Kong on a one hectare plot. The social housing project was by Hong Kong Model Housing Society, a voluntary organization. Model Housing Estate consists of 11 residential blocks with 700 dwelling units (DU) or a housing density of 700 DU/ha and housed 2,300 residents. The estate also included open playground, adult exercise / rest area and ground floor shops.

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Eleven Old Slab Residential Block: Block A (Man Shun House 5-storey walk-up), Block B (Man King House 5-storey walk-up), Block C (Man Hong House 20-storey), Block D (Man Ning House 5-storey walk-up), Block E (Man Cheung House 5-storey walk-up) and Block F (Man Lok House 5-storey walk-up). Each apartment has the floor area of between 150 square feet and 650 square feet.

In 1979, the old 5-storey Block C was torn down and rebuilt into a 20-storey block with shops on the ground floor and also the Hong Kong Housing Authority took over from Hong Kong Model Housing Society for management control of the whole estate.

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